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Broadening Horizons Through Languages

Bruno’s Language Tuition

Learning a foreign language should begin in early life. When children are younger, they have a natural ability for language acquisition. In the early years of life, children are able to pick up languages intuitively, through listening and imitating. This is why it’s important to start with foreign language learning as early as possible.

Bruno’s Preschool offers a language tuition service for children as young as two. We teach Spanish, German, Italian, French and Hebrew. Our lessons provide a gentle, no-pressure environment that introduces children to a foreign language through structured play, conversation, and pictures. We engage children through teaching them not just vocabulary, but also important cultural aspects of the language. Our goal is to allow children to learn about other countries, cultures, and languages, fostering inquisitiveness and an interest in others.

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Our Languages

Spanish, German, Italian, French, Polish and Hebrew.

We offer five foreign languages for parents to choose from, giving them flexibility in their children’s learning. Each language is taught by a fluent instructor, who has extensive experience working with children. We use games, imitation, conversation and a range of other techniques to introduce children to these languages in a way that is low-pressure and fun. We believe that every child’s first experience with a new language should be engaging and interesting, to inspire them to learn more in
the future.

Visit our Contact Page to find out more about our language services. 

Ages 7 and Up

Aside from our lessons for 1-5 year-olds, Bruno’s also offers a range of foreign language instruction for older children through Bruno’s International Language School. Our summer programmes are fun and informative, introducing children of all ages to the vocabulary, grammar and culture of the chosen language. These educational summer camps take place in the UK, Switzerland, France and the USA. These camps offer exciting, informative and immersive experiences for children aged 7 and up who would like to learn a foreign language.

For more information, visit Bruno’s International Language School to learn more.

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