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Your Child Is Our Priority


Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding Statement

As an Early Years setting we aim to work with children, parents and the community to ensure the rights and safety of children by providing them with the very best start in a secured environment. We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expect all staff, volunteers and all children’s services agencies working with our setting to share this commitment. Children must be supervised at all times and NEVER left with anyone non-DBS checked.

To support this statement, it is our duty to share information and work with other agencies when there are concerns about a child’s welfare. We will ensure that our concerns about our children are discussed with their parents/carers first unless we have reason to believe that such action will be to the detriment of the welfare of the child.

EYFS Key themes and commitment – (Statutory Framework – 2017)

A Unique Child

Positive Relationships



Learning and Development

All members of staff working in the Preschool have a duty of care towards the children attending the Preschool and this duty brings with its responsibility to ensure that all effort is made to safeguard children from suspected and actual harm. Children attending the Preschool have a right to feel safe and secure, as the staff work in partnership with parents/carers have the responsibility to act on any concerns they may have regarding a child’s welfare and well‐being.

We aim to:


  • By providing a safe Preschool environment for all children to learn.
  • By establishing what actions the Preschool can take to ensure that children remain safe at Preschool as well as home.


  • By setting down effective procedures for staff to follow when a concern arises.
  • By recognising children who are suffering, or likely to suffer significant harm.
  • By following agreed procedures and ensuring staff are appropriately recruited, trained and supported to respond appropriately and sensitively to Child Protection concern


  • By raising the awareness of staff to these issues and to define their role and responsibilities in reporting possible cases of abuse.
  • By providing support for all Preschool staff and student on placement and for all children including those who may have been or are being abused

Use of Mobile Phones and Cameras

At Bruno’s Preschool, we understand that technology is a powerful tool which allows us to document, share and keep in touch 24/7. It is important to us to carefully manage the use of personal phones and cameras for everyone’s safety.

Safeguarding of children within the Preschool is paramount and it is recognised that personal mobile phones have the potential to be used inappropriately and therefore all members of staff must adhere to the following.

  • Mobile must not be used during working hours. Therefore staff/students must not carry or use their personal mobile in rooms where they are working. If any staff/student found with a mobile phone while working with children, such person will face disciplinary action which could lead to dismissal.
  • Only mobile phones used by managers to ensure the efficient operation of the Preschool can be used during working hours.
  • At the beginning of shift all staff must submit their mobile phone to the manager or person in charge to be kept in the phone box on the start of duty and sign in and whenever they collect their phone back they must sign for it too.
  • Mobile phones will be stored safely and away from children at all times during working hours.
  • Mobile phones can only be used on a designated break and then this must be away from the children.
  • Staff members are not allowed to use their mobile phones during a break while in the rooms.
  • Setting telephone number should be given out to be used as an emergency contact for staff.
  • Staff must not use any camera facility on their mobile during a session.
  • Staff must not give out any staff phone numbers to anyone who has not given their permission beforehand.
  • Staff can only use permitted mobiles on outings for Preschool/emergency use only
  • Mobiles must never be used to take photographs of any of the children or any area of the Preschool or the work or any member of staff at work
  • Staff must not post anything on any social network site that concerns any aspect of Preschool work life, the Preschool day, or any comment that relates to the company, the work, the work life of staff or any child or customer.
  • Any staff member aware of any colleague not following above points has a responsibility to report this behaviour, and failure to do so will also result in disciplinary action which could result in dismissal.


(bulleted list – in order)

  • Parents/visitors are not allowed to use their mobile phone while in the Preschool. When a parent is seen by a staff answering or making calls in the Preschool, the staff should tell the parent to leave the premise before using their mobile phone.
  • When a member of staff is having a meeting with a parent/visitor, before starting the meeting the staff should give the parent/visitor opportunity to put their mobile phone away in the telephone box in the office for security grounds.

Social Networking sites

  • Staff should at no times post anything regarding children, their parents/families or other staff in the setting.
  • No photographs from the setting may be used, or ones which identify the setting or children from the setting.
  • No photographs of other members of staff to be used without their consent.
  • Anyone posting remarks which breach confidentiality or are deemed to be of a detrimental nature to the setting or other employees may be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Maintain professionalism whilst using social networking sites.
  • Any employee, who becomes aware of social networking activity that would be deemed distasteful or not appropriate, should make their manager/owner aware.
  • For more information please see Social Networking policy.

Health and Safety Policy

Bruno’s Preschool understands its obligation under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to ensure that arrangements are in place to maintain a safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and welfare of all children, staff and others using or visiting the Preschool environment.

The Preschool manager and all members of staff acknowledged having a responsibility of care to the children in their care and this policy draws upon the guidance of the Revised Early Years Foundation Stage (2012). We hope that this Code of Practice will provide a helpful reminder to existing staff and clear guidelines for new staff. A healthy and secure environment is a basic requirement for the care of Under Eights.

The allocation of duties for safety matters and the specific arrangements which we have made to implement the policy are set below and apply to all Preschool staff, parents and visitors working in the Preschool environment.

Child Safety Precautions

To ensure the safety of the children at the Preschool risks are identified, assessed and control measures put into place.

  • All members of staff are required to have a current enhanced disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) which is updated every three years. The Preschool ensures that all the adults looking after and having unsupervised access to the children are suitable to do so.
  • All children are supervised by adults who aim to have sight of children at all appropriate times; areas are checked at the end of session/use to ensure children are not hiding in unseen areas e.g. the garden when we come inside.
  • During Preschool opening times there are always at least two adults in the building.
  • Parent/carers are asked to provide the Preschool with their contact telephone numbers, the names and telephone numbers of those who should be contacted in the case of an emergency, and a list of any allergies, dietary requirements and any illnesses in the child’s history which may affect the safety of that child while at Preschool e.g. Asthma.

Parental Involvement

Bruno’s Preschool encourages all their parents to be involved in the Preschool and is open to any new suggestions. Each parent receives a daily feedback for their child informing them on how their child’s day has been.

A notice board is displayed in the Preschool and parents are updated on any new issues that arise, this is achieved through letters, newsletter, questionnaires or verbally. Feedback sheets and questionnaires are issued to parents on a regular basis, and this helps the Preschool to continue to improve and maintain a good standard of childcare. It also helps us to provide good parents partnership relationship.

Parents are provided with all information from Ofsted when a child starts the Preschool. They are given an opportunity to talk to staff in private to discuss any concerns or issues they may have. They have the opportunity to speak to their child’s key person on a regular basis. The Preschool has open door policy where parents are encouraged to make consultation with staff anytime.

Parents’ responsibilities:

Parents /carers ‘MUST’ ensure that the front entrance door to the building and the main entrance door to the Preschool are close at all times when dropping off their children in the morning and collecting them in the evening. Parents must sign in their children in the morning and sign out during collection time.

Parents must collaborate with Preschool staff for the following reasons:

  • For children and staff safety
  • To prevent children from running out of the building.
  • To restrict unauthorised access to children
  • To restrict unwanted visitor access to children and staff
  • To prevent intruders access to children, staff and building.
  • To prevent occurrence of accident and injury e.g. death

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