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Invest in Your Child’s Education

Bruno’s Preschool & Nursery

We offer an innovative early learning environment for children aged 1 to 5. As an Ofsted registered preschool, our curriculum closely follows the EYFS framework. This emphasises focus on the individual, forming positive relationships and creating environments that enable learning and healthy development. All preschool and daycare services are available Monday to Friday, all year round.

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Part Time Care

Morning: 9am to 12pm

Afternoon: 12:15pm to 3:15pm

Our part-time daycare and nursery service is ideal for parents who need some child care throughout the day. It is also a perfect opportunity for children to get some much-needed social interaction with others of the same age. We provide fun games, activities, and guided play, to encourage children to be active, inquisitive and thoughtful.

Full-Time Care

8:00am to 6pm

Our full-time preschool and nursery service is available for 50 weeks of the year and is perfect for working parents. We ensure that each child is safe, happy, and engaged. Our hope is for Bruno’s Preschool to serve as a gentle, informative preparation for primary school. We focus on encouraging child development, through socialising, exploration and fun physical activity.

A Day At Bruno’s

Every day at Bruno’s is an adventure! Our goal is to excite, inspire and engage children with fun activities and an innovative learning environment. Each day, we include new methods of structured play that introduce children to important fundamental concepts. Our range of activities is planned around the EYFS framework, with a focus on providing a gentle introduction to literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts & design. We try to teach to the level of each child, respecting and acknowledging their uniqueness.

Visit our Contact Page for more information, or to book a visit. 

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